RRD Mission Statement

Rockstar Roller Derby (RRD) is a non-profit organization (501c3) built and sustained by the members, for the members. RRD fosters a non-judgmental, fun, and empowering environment for skaters and supports to experience the sport of flat-track exhibition roller derby. We promote a loyalty, camaraderie, and athleticism among our family of skaters. RRD promotes an open, comfortable environment for all of our league members. RRD is a grassroots, DIY, skater owned and operated team with a commitment to promoting fitness and health in our community.

What makes us special?

At Rockstar Roller Derby we present to you – a 360 degree game of both physical and mental stamina. A modern twist on an old school tradition, we are here to provide quality (sometimes questionable), high impact sports entertainment.

Our blockers are relentless enforcers. Our jammers are determined evaders.

Each skater has their own unique technique – giving them the edge they need over the competition. A ruthless combination of skill and style is all they need to knock their opposition down – to the ground, or just an emotional peg or two.

Awareness is everything, but keen as they are – these skaters can’t always predict what will happen next. Quick action and fast feet keep them on their toes and they always have to keep an eye out for those unfriendly elbows.

Don’t fret though – any unsavory moves WILL be judged. Our unsportswomanlike skater will have to answer to the PENALTY WHEEL. Once her fate is decided, she will face off against the strongest challenger from the opposing team in a battle to preserve her own team’s points.

Remember that Roller Derby from Saturday morning TV?
Yeah – it’s that kind of Derby.