Click here to contact us or send an email to FundraisingRRD@gmail.com to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities. We’re happy to create a custom package for your business that meets your specific budget and needs.

If sponsorship isn’t in the cards for you or your business at this time, you can still connect with our audiences and show support through in-kind donations. We accept in-kind donations to be included in raffle baskets used at our events throughout the year. Contact us to start the conversation!


RRD is looking for sponsors to help support our league as we continue to grow. The expense of putting on a bout costs thousands, covering things such as announcers, photographers, promotional materials, marketing, medics, rink space, staff etc. While we do provide loaner equipment for potential new skaters, all league members are responsible for supplying their own skates, safety equipment, and uniforms. Outside help is imperative if the league wishes to thrive and reach its full potential as an organization and corporation. You can help!


We don’t expect for you to sponsor us solely out of the goodness of your heart; there will be a plethora of opportunities for your business to be recognized. The sponsorship possibilities are meant to bring attention to your business in a new and exciting venue. We truly hope you consider working with RRD and in return your business will appear on social media events related to our league. We thank you in advance and we genuinely look forward to working with you in the near future.
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