Like, literally everyone. All shapes and sizes are welcome, and useful in the sport of Roller Derby! That’s what makes it so unique. Most people do not come to roller derby with the skill set needed to be amazing off the start. You are not “too small” or “too big” to do derby, there is a spot for you out on that track! That’s the beautiful thing about roller derby, you just need to get out there and claim it. We have a team of coaches who are dedicated to helping you with your journey. You can read through some of the common FAQ we get asked. We have a team of coaches who want to help get you started. You can message us here.



Follow our official facebook page for updates regarding our Fresh Meat program. Our fresh meat program is an 8 week program aimed at teaching you the basics and how to play roller derby safely. You can message us here or reach out on social media if you are interested and we’ll give you the information needed and answer any questions you may have. 


Roller Derby is a contact sport, so you will need safety equipment. We have loaner gear available to help you until you get your own. This is in limited supply, so it can be first come first serve depending on how many are in need of gear. You will need to supply your own mouthguard to start, because…that’s gross.

You will need a helmet, mouthguard, elbow pads, wrist guards, knee pads, and skates. Until you can get a sweet pair of your own, rental skates are available so you can get started right away.


Rockstar Roller Derby (RRD) is committed to inclusivity in relation to all transgender women, intersex women, and gender expansive participants. An individual who identifies as a transgender woman, intersex woman, and/or gender expansive may skate with RRD if women’s flat-track exhibition roller derby is the version and composition of roller derby with which they most closely identify. RRD recognizes that identifying as transgender, intersex, and/or gender expansive is not in any way related to an individual’s eligibility for participating as a volunteer.

Rockstar Roller Derby (RRD) is committed to promoting an environment that is welcoming and inclusive of transgender, intersex, and gender expansive participants. Any conduct which fosters a hostile environment for any participant on the basis of gender identity will not be tolerated. The gender identity of any and all RRD participants is considered confidential and private.

You must be at least 18 years old. We have skaters ranging from 18-50+. So, no, you are not too old!

As for size, roller derby as a place for all body types. A larger build is harder to push around, while a smaller build may be faster. The beauty of roller derby is that ANY body can play the sport, and RRD has experienced players of all shapes and sizes. We encourage you to give us a try!

[“Transgender” refers to an individual whose gender identity does not match their assigned birth gender.]

[“Intersex” is a general term used for a variety of conditions in which a person is born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t seem to fit the typical definitions of female or male]

[“Gender-expansive” is an umbrella term used for individuals that broaden commonly held definitions of gender, including its expression, associated identities, and/or other perceived gender norms, in one or more aspects of their life. […] Some individuals do not identify with being either male or female; others identify as a blend of both, while still others identify with a gender, but express their gender in ways that differ from stereotypical presentations.]


Rockstar Roller Derby takes the health and safety of its members and the general community seriously. RRD leadership has made the decision to return to practices and league events based on science and data-driven factors. RRD continues to monitor the national, regional and local government warnings and guidelines in regards to managing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. RRD requires all of our skaters, crew and volunteers to have the COVID-19 vaccination to help mitigate the spread of the virus and for the safety of it’s members.


If you do not now how to skate or are terrible at it, that’s ok! We have an experienced team of coaches who are dedicated to giving you the tools to succeed. Trust us when we say that we have had many skaters start with us with little to no experience. We train up, and we take the time to teach you the skills needed to ensure the safety of you, and our skaters. We’ll encourage you to be on your skates as much as possible, as the only way to master skating is to skate.


All of our practices and live bouts are hosted at Ringing Rocks Roller Rink, located in Pottstown PA. You can check the schedule page for a list of our upcoming bout dates. Once you are a league member, league practices are held Monday & Thursdays from 8PM-10PM. Fresh Meat classes are held on Sundays from 10AM-12PM. Fresh Meat are also required to join the league skaters on Thursday evenings 8PM-10PM.

Ringing Rocks Roller Rink – 1500 Ringing Rocks Park – Pottstown, PA 19464


We will teach you everything you need to know in order to play derby! Practices will consist of foot work drills, endurance drills, or drills geared towards learning pack work. We take safety seriously – as it is a contact sport! To do that, we will teach you the basics which will help you in all aspects of the game. During your beginning practices we will teach you how to do proper crossovers, correct stopping techniques, and possibly the most important – how to fall and recover quickly. All of these are crucial in order to play roller derby safely. Your first practice will be the most challenging part of the process. What you walk away with is a network of skaters who will continue to support, and push you through your fresh meat journey. 


Follow our official facebook page for updates regarding our Fresh Meat program. Our fresh meat program is an 10 week program aimed at teaching you the basics and how to play roller derby safely. You can message us if you are interested and we’ll give you the information needed and answer any questions you may have. 


Roller Derby is an intense, fast-paced, full contact sport that is not for the faint of heart but is dedicated to the empowerment and fitness of its players. Roller derby is a contact sport played by two teams of five, traveling counter-clockwise around a track. Game play consists of a series of short match-ups (jams) in which both teams designate a jammer (who wears a star on the helmet). The jammer scores points by lapping members of the opposing team. The teams attempt to hinder the opposing jammer while assisting their own jammer—in effect, playing both offense and defense simultaneously. 

WANT TO FIND OUT MORE? Check out our schedule for the next live bout!