Like, literally everyone. All shapes and sizes are welcome, and useful in the sport of Roller Derby! That’s what makes it so unique. Most people do not come to roller derby with the skill set needed to be amazing off the start. You are not “too small” or “too big” to do derby, there is a spot for you out on that track! That’s the beautiful thing about roller derby, You just need to get out there and claim it.
We have a team of coaches who are dedicated to helping you with your journey. Don’t hesitate – Message us at


We will teach you everything you need to know in order to play derby! Practices will consist of foot work drills, endurance drills, or drills geared towards learning pack work. We take safety seriously – as it is a contact sport! To do that, we will teach you the basics which will help you in all aspects of the game. During your beginning practices we will teach you how to do proper crossovers, correct stopping techniques, and possibly the most important – how to fall and recover quickly. All of these are crucial in order to play roller derby safely. Your first practice will be the most challenging part of the process. What you walk away with is a network of women who will continue to support, and push you through your fresh meat journey.