Skater Stories – Miz Conduct

Miz Conduct

At 49 years old, I was finally able to start spending some time on myself. I was always fascinated with the idea of doing roller derby. In February of 2018, I saw an advertisement on Facebook for new skater training. The ad said all I needed was to bring a mouth guard, and that all other equipment would be provided. I was extremely apprehensive and anxious about going, having not been on roller skates in over 25 years, I arrived with almost zero skills, other than being able to stand up on skates and clumsily make my way around the rink. After finally talking myself into going inside, I was greeted by one of the team members (Stark Raven), who helped me pick out a pair of rental skates, helped fit me with a helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads that the team provided. I spent the next 3 hours trying to stay upright, and not have to use all those things. That first day experience has kept me going back for over a year. I look forward to every moment that I get to spend skating now. When I am having a bad week, there is no better outlet than to put on skates and take out my frustrations on that rink. Skating helps me to mentally clear my mind out and start fresh. I participated in my first BOUT with these amazing women in April 2019. Roller Derby is such an empowering activity for women. I continuously receive advice, constructive criticism, support and encouragement from my team members. It has built up my self-confidence tenfold.

“Miz Conduct”

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