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Serious Whack

I first discovered roller derby in middle school while watching the 2009 dramedy Whip It, and I was enamored. I immediately began researching local teams, and was disappointed by the 18 year old age requirement. Joining a derby team became a daydream, I neither watched the sport nor followed any local teams, but consistently thought of racing around the track with my teammates. As my 18th birthday approached, I began researching teams again and found an event on facebook for a new skater intake night about a month after my birthday. I have never been geared towards participating in team sports, especially not one on wheels, so I spent the whole month before it debating whether or not to go. The day before the event I decided to give it a shot, and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Everyone on the team welcomed me, and I feel just as welcome every single time I walk into the rink. Skating at practice every week has become my release, a time when I can focus on nothing but what is happening in the rink with my teammates. Seeing myself improve has only motivated me to come back each week and practice on my own.

Serious Whack”


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